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Architecture Guide

The Architecture Guide provides a high-level introduction and view of the Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source framework.

The Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source framework (Commerce framework) and components are explained from the perspective of several audiences:

  • Merchants
  • Web store developers (frontend developers)
  • Extension developers
  • System administrators
  • Installers
  • Integrators

More detailed information about building online stores, using APIs, installing, configuring, and extending the platform is included in other sections of the developer guide.

Architectural basics


Review fundamental architectural principles of object-oriented, PHP-based applications

Architectural layers


Learn about layered application design and details about each layer

Coding standards

Coding Standards

Review these technical guidelines before you contribute code to Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source projects

Architectural framework


Learn how the Commerce framework controls the way application components interact

Modules and extensibility

Modules and Extensibility

Learn about how Commerce extensibility has been designed to maximize your ability to customize and enhance the framework

Technical vision

Technical Vision

Review resources that describe the aspirational state of the Commerce framework

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