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Creating an Event Integration Project

By using Adobe I/O Events, Cloud Manager can send external applications notifications when key events occur. This allows customers to connect existing and new external applications which respond to events emitted by Cloud Manager CI/CD pipelines.

To work with the Cloud Manager Events on the Adobe Developer Console, you need to either the System Administrator role or be an assigned API Developer for your organization. Click here to learn more about the API Developer role.

Adobe I/O Events emitted by Cloud Manager are sent to webhooks hosted either in on-premise infrastructure, specialized webhook hosting providers, Adobe I/O Runtime, or even your AEM instances managed by Adobe. Alternatively, the Adobe I/O Journaling API may be used, especially in cases where network security rules prohibit a webhook from being accessible from the public internet.

The Getting Started with Adobe I/O Events guide provides general documentation on how to set up a webhook. As with API Integration Projecs, a certificate file is needed to set up an Event Integration.

Once your webhook is up and running and you have your certificate, to create an Event Integration:

  1. Navigate to the following URL: https://developer.adobe.com/console. This can also be reached by clicking the Console button at the top of this page.

  2. Click the Create new project button or select an existing project.

  3. (Optional) Click the Edit project button and give your project a title and description.

  4. Click the Add to Project button and select Event from the drop-down menu.

  5. Under the Experience Cloud section select Cloud Manager and then click Next.

  6. For a new project, generate or Upload a key pair. Click either Generate keypair or Next.

  7. Select the events you want to receive on the webhook.

  8. Fill out the name and description.

  9. Provide the webhook URL or, if Adobe I/O Runtime is available, select the Runtime action.

  10. Click Save configured events.

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