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Adobe trusts our active community members to review pull requests and accept or reject proposed code changes. Community Maintainers take part in discussions, reviews, and help process pull requests.

Who becomes a maintainer?#

When considering new maintainers, we look for contributors who have shown a propensity for:

  • Contributing good and accepted code to multiple projects, including fixes for issues and new features
  • Participating in discussions in our development projects, including the architecture and backlog projects
  • Reviewing and discussing pull requests from other contributors
  • Helping other contributors with complex decisions and questions, like architecture questions, and providing advice according to technical guidelines

Maintainer activities#

Maintainers take part in these main activities:

  • Review pull request descriptions to make sure that they are meaningful and contain all required details; expedites pull request delivery without requiring additional clarification from contributors
  • Review pull requests according to technical guidelines
  • Avoid backward incompatible changes in proposed changes
  • Make sure all new code is covered with appropriate unit, integration, and functional tests
  • Review issue descriptions to make sure that they are meaningful and provide clear reproduction steps
  • Participate in discussions regarding proposed solutions, created issues, and more
  • Help other community members resolve their questions and issues with advice, helpful code snippets, or other examples
  • Find and propose better or new methods for pull request reviews, code delivery, QA activities, tests, and more

Guidelines for DevDocs#

In general, the same guidelines for magento/magento2 maintainers apply to DevDocs maintainers. However, there are some additional guidelines that apply to DevDocs.

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  • Terms of Use
  • Do not sell my personal information
  • AdChoices
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