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Marketplace EQP API

The Commerce Marketplace Extension Quality Program (EQP) REST API provides access to the Marketplace Developer Portal.

The Marketplace Developer Portal provides you the capability to do the following:

  • Publish your product's marketing information on the Commerce Marketplace. As a result, your customers can find and purchase each of your products.
  • Publish your individual or company profile on the Commerce Marketplace, making it easy for your customers to learn more about you and your company.
  • Upload your code for your Magento 2 extensions, themes, and shared packages to the Magento Product Repository. After your customers purchase your product, your customers can download your code.
  • Access your sales reports. Get aggregated metrics on overall page views, category-specific page views, EQP process-related metrics and more.

Where to use this API#

There are two separate Marketplace Developer Portal environments where the Marketplace EQP API can be used:

Use your same login information for the production Marketplace Developer Portal to also log into the Sandbox Marketplace Developer Portal. Learn more about the sandbox environment.

API eligibility#

All developers are eligible to use the production Marketplace EQP API. However, only specific partners are eligible to use the sandbox:

Adobe partnerLegacy Magento partner
InnovateGeneral Technology Partner
Select Extensions Partner
Premier Extensions Partner
AccelerateSelect Technology Partner
PremierPremier Technology Partner
BronzeCommunity Insider Partner
Business Solution Partner
SilverProfessional Solution Partner
GoldEnterprise Solution Partner
PlatinumGlobal Elite Solution Partner

See more information about becoming a partner.

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