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Common setup issues

Apply these fixes to address common issues you may encounter during project setup.

Node version errors#

If you get a node version error, verify you are using the correct node version. Early versions of PWA Studio are not compatible with node v12 (now EOL). Use a node version manager such as n or nvm to switch between different node versions. We recommend to always use a node LTS version. These are even-numbered major versions.

If you are using node 12, you may see the a deprecation warning in the log when you run the watch command. This is caused by a project dependency used by PWA Studio and not by PWA Studio itself.

Caching issues#

If you are running into caching issues, clear the full application storage (not just the browser cache).

For example, in Chrome:

  1. Open the Developer Tools.
  2. In the Application tab, select Clear Storage on the left navigation.
  3. Press the Clear site data button.

clear storage

No Magento data#

If your storefront is not getting data from the Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source backend application, make sure your development server can access the MAGENTO_BACKEND_URL in your .env file.

Buildpack error#

Setting up a project workspace that contains both a storefront project and an extension project may result in buildpack issues due to dependency conflicts. To solve this, add @magento/pwa-buildpack as a dev dependency in the monorepo's package.json file.

Privacy error#

If you get a Privacy Error message in your browser, your project has an invalid or expired certificate. See the PWA Buildpack page for a solution to this issue.

privacy error


You can use the DEBUG option to print out more verbose messages to the command line when you run the build or watch script. For example, if you are having issues with the localization feature, you can run the following:

Copied to your clipboard
DEBUG=pwa-buildpack:WebpackTools:plugins:LocalizationPlugin.js yarn build

Other issues#

If you encounter any other issues, ask the PWA Studio community in the #PWA Slack channel.

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