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Projects Overview

All development work in Adobe Developer Console is done as part of a project. A project may include one or multiple products, and a combination of APIs, events, runtime, and plugins.

Developer vs Enterprise Projects#

Projects are a common framework within both developer and enterprise organizations. Projects belonging to an enterprise organization are visible to other organization members. In contrast, projects belonging to a developer organization are visible only to the individual to whom the organization belongs.

Use the org switcher to view the organizations to which you belong to and easily switch between them.

Organization switcher on the Console home screen.

Create a New Project#

Empty Projects#

Think of an empty project as an open canvas or "blank slate" into which you can add events, runtime, plugins, APIs, and more to create custom applications.

To get started, follow the steps provided in the guide for creating an empty project.

Templated Projects#

To streamline the creation of projects, Adobe Developer Console provides templates that you can use to get started quickly.

Note: Templated projects are currently only available for enterprise organizations.

To get started, follow the steps provided in the guide for creating a templated project.

View All Projects#

The Projects screen provides an overview of your organization's projects. Suppose you are part of an enterprise organization. In that case, this includes all projects that you have access to and not just projects that you have created.

On the Projects screen, each project is shown as a card. A project card mentions the title of the project, its last modified date, and the number of workspaces it has, where applicable.

All Projects screen (card view)

You can use the sort functionality to change the order in which projects are displayed or select the list view to see your projects in a list rather than shown as cards.

All Projects screen (list view)

You can also begin working on a new project from the Projects screen by selecting Create New Project.

Read Only view#

As a member of an enterprise organization, you may not have access to all of the services licensed by your organization. For this reason, you may see a Read Only tag on certain projects or workspaces within a templated project.

Although, Projects or workspaces marked as Read Only are still visible to you, but certain actions, such as downloading, editing, copying client secrets, or initiating the approval workflow, will be greyed out and inaccessible.

If you believe you are seeing a Read Only tag in error, or want access to certain services and product profiles, please work with your organization's administrators for access.

Delete a Project#

Deleting a project is permanent. Before you can delete a project, you must remove all services and credentials added to it. Certain services (Runtime, plugins, etc.) cannot yet be removed from a project and disallow a project deletion.

View a Project's Activity Log#

Any user in your organization who has access to the Developer Console and has access to the set of product profiles used in a project can view, edit, and delete that project.

However, all modifications to a project on the Developer Console are captured in the project's activity log. The activity log serves as a record of "who did what and when?", enabling an organization to track changes made to a project.

Changes made to a project are retained as activity logs for 3 months. You can also export the activity log records as a CSV file, if you wish to store them for longer.

Project Activity Log

Project approval#

Once you have completed development on your project, your application is ready for approval. There are four different approval processes within Adobe Developer Console, depending on the type of application that you have built.

  1. Self-service push to production for OAuth credential
  2. Approval process for OAuth credentials
  3. Approval process for App Builder applications
  4. Review process to publish plugins

To read more about the approval process, visit the project approvals documentation.

Beta users#

When building a project containing OAuth credentials, Console enables you to select and manage a group of beta users, giving them access to your integration while it is still In Development. To learn more, read the beta users overview.

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