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Adobe PDF Services API

Create, transform, OCR PDFs, and more.

PDF Services API is a collection of multiple services capable of quickly solving specific challenges and powering multi-step document workflows using SDKs for Node.js, Java, and .Net. With it, you gain access to basic PDF services, such as creating, securing, compressing, converting, combining, and splitting PDFs, as well as more advanced services, including Document Generation and PDF Extract. Do more with this API.


Adobe PDF Extract API

Unlock content structure in any PDF.

PDF Extract API leverages AI to parse PDFs programmatically and extract data and content for analysis and processing. Text, images, tables, font styling, and more are extracted with relative positioning and natural reading order and placed into a structured JSON file for downstream processing in NLP, RPA, content republishing or data analysis solutions. PDF Extract API works on both scanned and native PDFs and is included with PDF Services API.


Adobe Document Generation API

Generate documents from Word templates and JSON data.

Effortlessly create contracts, agreements, invoices, sales proposals, and more with Document Generation API. Using Microsoft Word templates and your own data, you can produce dynamic documents with conditional text, images, lists, and tables. Signature workflows are a cinch with the Adobe Acrobat Sign integration, and Document Generation is included with PDF Services API.


Adobe PDF Embed API

Display PDFs and enable collaboration with this free tool.

Leverage our free JavaScript API to embed PDFs and eliminate the need for end users to download additional plugins when opening PDFs in your applications. With PDF Embed API, you can provide a rich PDF viewing experience and enable digital collaboration and document analytics for helpful user insights. Implement this API in minutes with a few lines of code and samples for Angular and React.

Designed for developers

Use our cloud-based REST APIs and SDKs designed for developers to build new, innovative document solutions. Pick and choose from over 15 different PDF and document manipulation APIs to build custom end-to-end agreements, content publishing, data analysis workflow experiences, and more. Get started in minutes with our SDKs for Node.js, .Net, Java, and sample Postman collection.

Create PDF from URL

Create PDFs from a variety of formats, including static and dynamic HTML; Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel; as well as text, image, and, Zip

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1// Please refer our Rest API docs for more information
4curl --location --request POST '' \
5--header 'x-api-key: {{Placeholder for client_id}}' \
6--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
7--header 'Authorization: Bearer {{Placeholder for token}}' \
8--data-raw '{
9 "assetID": "urn:aaid:AS:UE1:23c30ee0-2e4d-46d6-87f2-087832fca718"
12// Legacy API can be found here