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Adobe Acrobat Sign APIs make it easy for developers like you to integrate e-signature capabilities into mobile apps, websites, or other platforms.

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Build it. Test it. Deliver it. Do it all faster and easier than ever with Acrobat Sign APIs. Discover what sets Acrobat Sign apart.

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OEM/Embedded Partner.

If you're developing an integration for a customer-facing application or platform, please contact us to learn more about our OEM/Embedded partnership program. Acrobat Sign API licensing is separate from PDF Services API licensing and can give you unique capabilities and flexibility.

Integration Only Partner.

If you're building an integration between Adobe Acrobat Sign and another application or service for use by our shared customers, please see these additional resources and steps to ensure success.

Hear from one our Sign Embed Partners.

Avionté embeds Acrobat Sign APIs into their leading HR technology platform to create a frictionless experience where Talent can easily and seamlessly connect with their employers.


Merge data from your application.

Merge and prefill data directly from you application and send documents for signature. Save time by pre-populating data fields customizing inputs, and more -- all based on your application's unique needs.


Store documents in your own repository.

Adobe, with our Document Generation API and other PDF Services APIs, makes it easy for you to build end-to-end workflows. You can send documents for signature, track and manage status, and automatically route them to your own storage archive or repository. it gives you even greater flexibility with security you can rely on.


OEM implementation made easy.

Add e-signatures as a feature or service within your own application and deliver an all-digital signing experience in days -- not weeks or months. Acrobat Sign APIs give you the flexibility to integrate the experience for maximum control and customization.

Explore use cases.

Acrobat Sign APIs are used across a variety of industries to meet a wide range of needs.


Sales and procurement contracts.

Reduce time creating, managing, and tracking sales and procurement contracts. Use Acrobat Sign APIs with Acrobat Services to automate manual processes.


Rental and leasing agreements.

Create intuitive and streamlined leasing agreements for your customers that can be accessed and signed on any device.


New hire onboarding.

Streamline the hiring process by routing offer letters directly to candidates and hiring managers. You can track status in real time, verify identity, and securely capture e-signatures.


Financial and tax document workflows.

Transform your workflows and get more out of existing systems by integrating Acrobat Sign. It's easy to create fluid, secure experiences for senders and signers.

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