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Build low-code, end-to-end document automations easily.

Start your free trial today and get 1,000 free document transactions.

Sign up for a preview program of Adobe Acrobat Sign with embedded Power Automate.

Register for the opportunity to experience an even simpler way to automate your e-signature work.

Uplevel your document workflows easily with Adobe Document Services and Adobe Acrobat Sign on Microsoft Power Platform.

PDF Services API Workflow

Low-code document automations.

With the Adobe PDF Services connector, select from over twenty PDF API actions such as PDF Extract, Document Generation, Create PDF, Convert PDF, and many more.

PDF Services API Workflow

End-to-end workflows, complete with a signature.

Agreements, contracts, offer letters – you name it. Easily build workflows that need e-signatures with the Adobe Acrobat Sign connector.

PDF Services API Workflow

Simplify workflows with templates.

Get started quickly with 75+ ready-to-use templates for workflows using Adobe PDF Services and Adobe Acrobat Sign connectors.

PDF Services API Workflow

Easily incorporate forms through Adobe Experience Manager.

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics and Power Automate with Adobe Experience Manager Forms for form review workflows. Deliver seamless enrollment experiences with Adobe and Microsoft solutions.

PDF Services API Workflow

Build automations with extensibility.

Quickly extend your applications through hundreds of connectors in Microsoft Dataverse, Logic Apps, and more.

Start your trial today and get 1,000 free document transactions.

Benefits for enterprises across the board.

Create, secure, and convert PDF documents

Efficiency and productivity.

Get your products and services to market faster, increase the productivity of your teams, and improve accuracy with low-code automations.

Dynamically automate your PDF document workflow

Cost savings.

Save on licensing costs with volume discounts, easier procurement process, and pooled transactions through Adobe.

Explore use cases.

Our connectors can be used across departments and industries for a variety of use cases.

APIs and SDKs for report creation and editing

Agreements and contracts.

Easily generate, manage, and track agreements and contracts with dynamic terms and signatures.

APIs and SDKs for search and indexing

Data analysis and retrieval.

Extract data from complex tables including cell data, column and row headers, and table properties for use in machine learning models, analysis, or storage.

APIs and SDKs for PDF content publishing

Content publishing.

Publish whitepapers and marketing content with end-user inter-activity, security controls, and analytics.

APIs and SDKs for job postings

Onboarding and enrollment.

Deliver personalized end-to-end digital onboarding and enrollment journeys to customers.

Getting started is easy.

Step 1

Sign up for a free trial.

Step 2

Set up the connector.

Step 3

Pick a template to customize.

Learn more with these additional resources.

APIs and SDKs for PDF content processing and extraction


Build your first workflow.

Watch our Document Automation 101 webinar to see how easy it is to get started building a workflow with Adobe and Microsoft.

APIs and SDKs to generate legal contracts


Create a document workflow.

Read how to build your first document workflow in Microsoft Power Automate.

APIs and SDKs for PDF data analysis


Getting started with PDF Services.

Read how to get up and running in no time using the PDF services connector in Microsoft Power Automate.

APIs and SDKs for PDF content republishing

Customer story

Transform digital process.

See how CSU Fullerton is using Acrobat Sign and AEM Forms to transform digital processes across campus.

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