Adobe PDF Services API

Create, convert, transform, OCR PDFs and more.

Why PDF Services API?


Create, secure, and convert PDF documents

Create a PDF from Microsoft Office documents, protect the content, and convert to other formats.


Modify PDFs and optimize output

Programmatically alter a document, such as reordering, inserting, and rotating pages, as well as compressing the file.

Join the Beta program for our new Adobe PDF Electronic Seal API

Sign up for the opportunity to try our latest API that helps you verify the identity and integrity of documents using an electronic seal.

Key features of Adobe PDF Services API

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1// Please refer our Rest API docs for more information
4curl --location --request POST '' \
5--header 'x-api-key: {{Placeholder for client_id}}' \
6--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
7--header 'Authorization: Bearer {{Placeholder for token}}' \
8--data-raw '{
9 "assetID": "urn:aaid:AS:UE1:23c30ee0-2e4d-46d6-87f2-087832fca718",
10 "renditionsToExtract": [
11 "tables",
12 "figures"
13 ],
14 "elementsToExtract": [
15 "text",
16 "tables"
17 ]
20// Legacy API can be found here