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Calculated metrics

The Calculated metrics APIs allow you to retrieve, update, or create calculated metrics programmatically through Adobe I/O. The APIs use the same data and methods that are used when working with calculated metrics in the UI. See Calculated metrics overview in the CJA documentation for more information.

You can call the /calculatedmetrics/ endpoint to add, edit or delete calculated metrics.

Retrieve a list of calculated metrics#

In CJA, you can navigate to Components > Calculated metrics and see a list of calculated metrics that you created or others have shared. This call is helpful to identify the ID's of desired calculated metrics.

GET https://cja.adobe.io/calculatedmetrics

See GET List of calculated metrics in the API reference for supported query string parameters and example responses.

Retrieve a single calculated metric#

Once you have the desired ID, you can append the ID to the call to retrieve details on a single calculated metric:

GET https://cja.adobe.io/calculatedmetrics/{id}

Create a calculated metric#

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