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There are more than 2.5 trillion PDFs on the Internet, and one of the main reasons is that the format makes it extremely easy to publish well-designed content on the web and secure it. There is no need to redesign documents using HTML and CSS and lose granularity. With Adobe Document Services, it is now even easier to embed PDF documents inside of web pages, as well as understand exactly how users are consuming documents. Advanced features not found in traditional PDF desktop or web viewers let you:

  • Add interactivity to PDF-based experiences
  • Provide PDF content for the rest of the brand experience on a website, including navigation, headers, and more
  • Support multiple user annotations (using the Adobe Annotations API)
  • Enable analytics integration to see how PDFs are viewed, including how long users spend on pages
  • Secure PDFs to prevent editing, downloading, annotating, or printing

Relevant APIs


A company plans to offer whitepapers on its website to provide details about various apps and services. Marketing needs to understand how users interact with the content, and they want to incorporate it into the rest of the web pages. Some of the PDF content includes prices that change on a regular basis, so the company wants to secure the PDF to prevent users from making changes to it after downloading. Additionally, some of the documents may be restricted or behind a paywall, so the company also wants to add a password to certain PDFs to control who can download and open them.

Building this Solution

  1. Get credentials for PDF Embed API and PDF Services APIs
  2. Use PDF Services API to secure the whitepapers by adding editing restrictions and/or a password using the Protect PDF operation
  3. Access the Embed API demo to generate sample code
  4. Change flags to allow / disallow printing, downloading, and other user actions
  5. Enable events so that the viewer can be extended
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