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Understanding Metric Data

The Metric endpoint returns the measured results for each of the Cloud Manager quality gates: Code Quality, Security, Performance, and Experience Audit. Each metric is represented with a JSON object containing the severity, the expected value, the actual value, the result, the comparator used to generate the result, and the metric name.

For example, if you look at the code quality metrics, you will see an object like this:

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2 "id": "7776",
3 "severity": "important",
4 "passed": true,
5 "override": false,
6 "actualValue": "50.4",
7 "expectedValue": "50",
8 "comparator": "GTE",
9 "kpi": "coverage"

Here, we can see that this is the coverage metric, the expected value is 50, the actual value is 50.4, to pass the actual value must be greater than or equal to (GTE) the expected value, that the metric passed.

The kpi value is a technical value which will generally need to be translated into a user-facing value. The reference tables below provide mappings between the technical name in the API response and the names/definitions in the documentation for each of the quality gates.

Code Quality#

Technical NameDisplay Name
security_ratingCode Coverage
reliability_ratingReliability Rating
sqale_ratingMaintainability Rating
skipped_testsSkipped Unit Tests
open_issuesOpen Issues
duplicated_lines_densityDuplicated Lines

Security Testing#

Technical NameDisplay Name
deserialization_firewall_attach_api_readinessDeserialization Firewall Attach API Readiness
deserialization_firewall_functionalDeserialization Firewall Functional
deserialization_firewall_loadedDeserialization Firewall Loaded
authorizable_node_name_generationAuthorizable Node Name Generation
default_login_accountsDefault Login Accounts
sling_get_servletSling Get Servlet
cq_dispatcher_configurationCQ Dispatcher Configuration
cq_html_library_manager_configCQ HTML Library Manager Config
sling_java_script_handlerSling Java Script Handler
sling_jsp_script_handlerSling JSP Script Handler
sling_referrer_filterSling Referrer Filter
ssl_configurationSSL Configuration
user_profile_default_accessUser Profile Default Access
crxde_supportCRXDE Support
davex_health_checkDavEx Health Check
example_content_packagesExample Content Packages
wcm_filter_configurationWCM Filters Configuration
webdav_health_checkWebDAV Health Check
web_server_configurationWeb Server Configuration
replication_and_transport_usersReplication and Transport Users

Performance Testing#

Technical NameDisplay Name
error_ratePage Request Error Rate %
cpu_utilization_rateCPU Utilization Rate
disk_io_wait_timeDisk IO Wait Time
response_time95 Percentile Response Time
peak_resp_timePeak Response Time
views_per_minutePage Views Per Minute
disk_bandwidth_utilDisk Bandwidth Utilization
network_bandwidth_utilNetwork Bandwidth Utilization
requests_per_minuteRequests Per Minute

Experience Audit#

Technical NameDisplay Name
performancePerformance Score
best-practicesBest Practices Score
accessibilityAccessibility Score
seoSEO Score
pwaPWA Score (not displayed)
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