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Since: UXP 4.1, PS 22.0.0

Renders heading text that is theme aware.



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<sp-heading>This is a heading</sp-heading>


Headings come in several sizes:

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1<sp-heading size="XXXL">Heading XXXL</sp-heading>
2<sp-heading size="XXL">Heading XXL</sp-heading>
3<sp-heading size="XL">Heading XL</sp-heading>
4<sp-heading size="L">Heading L</sp-heading>
5<sp-heading size="M">Heading M</sp-heading>
6<sp-heading size="S">Heading S</sp-heading>
7<sp-heading size="XS">Heading XS</sp-heading>
8<sp-heading size="XXS">Heading XXS</sp-heading>
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