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Extension footprint analysis

Footprint analysis is an automated check that generates a report based on the static analysis of the extension code. After processing, reports are visible on the product listing page and include information on certain specific features, which provide Commerce Marketplace customers insights on extension capabilities from the code perspective.

When testing is done#

All extension packages have their footprint analyzed at the time of submission. This check is not a test and therefore cannot be passed or failed.

What is being checked#

At the moment, the footprint analyzer check is performed on the static package code to identify APIs exposed by the module. The report usually consists of the following sections:

  • Programmatic API and data interfaces—Provides information on the number of programmatic APIs found in the extension code package.
  • Web API—Provides insights on the number of REST and SOAP APIs exposed by the extension package.
  • GraphQL—Verifies if the extension exposes any GraphQL entities.
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