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Test your component

Unit and integration tests#

Run the PHPUnit based Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source unit and integration tests. See the Testing Overview.

Functional testing#

For further testing with the functional testing frameworks, see Functional Testing Framework.

Test using Magento Open Source#

Test your component by deploying Magento Open Source and adding the component to the project's composer.json. To install, see Install using Composer.

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1"require": {
2 "magento/magento-composer-installer": "*",
3 "yourvendorname/module-one": "0.1.1"

Register your component, including the file location. Verify it works as expected, without compromising functionality.

Test installing your component#

Before you publish your component, test installing it.

  1. Package your component in a GitHub repository that is accessible by the machine on which you run the Admin.

  2. On that machine, create a static route from https://repo.magento.com to your GitHub repository.

    To create a static route, add a line similar to the following to your hosts file:

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    <IP or hostname of your GitHub repository> https://repo.magento.com
  3. Install your component.

  4. Verify it installed correctly.

More information#

See these resources for testing in PHP and validating components:

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