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Check the Commerce version

Use any of the following ways to determine which version of Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source is installed:

  • From the command line
  • With an HTTP GET request
  • From within the Admin
  • By viewing the composer.lock file

Command line#

The following command returns the application version.


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bin/magento --version


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Magento CLI version 2.4.0

HTTP GET request#

An HTTP request returns less detailed information about the application version.


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Magento/2.3 (Community)


Log in as a registered Admin user. The application version is displayed at the bottom right of the page, above the Account Activity and Report an Issue links:

Check the application version

The composer.lock file#

If the application was installed using the composer install command, you can search the <Application_root>/composer.lock file for magento/product-community-edition or magento/product-enterprise-edition, depending on which version of the application is installed.

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1 {
2 "name": "magento/product-community-edition",
3 "version": "2.4.0",
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