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Venia packages

PWA Studio provides two Venia packages. The venia-concept package is a proof-of-concept storefront project built with PWA Studio tools. The venia-ui package is a library of UI components you can use to build a storefront.

Venia storefront template#

The venia-concept package contains project code for a storefront called Venia. Venia is a proof-of-concept storefront designed to highlight the many features provided by PWA Studio.

Everything from its build pipeline to its underlying components uses PWA Studio libraries. When you set up a new project, this is the package the scaffolding tool uses as the base template.

Visit venia.magento.com to see a live instance of this application.

Venia UI library#

The venia-ui-package contains the Venia UI library, which is a library of visual components for a PWA Studio storefront. It provides UI components of various complexity that range from complete features to simple building blocks.

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