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Frequently Asked Questions

This page lists frequently asked questions about PWA Studio. If you have a question that is not answered on this page, try asking in our #pwa Slack channel.

How do I get started with PWA Studio#

If you are developing a new storefront, the Tutorials sections provides an introduction to the different concepts and features of PWA Studio.

If you want to learn about the technologies and concepts behind PWA Studio, the Getting Started section of this site provides background information about this project.

If you are interested in looking at the project source or contributing to the project, check out the project repository.

Does PWA Studio support server-side rendering (SSR)#

Yes, PWA Studio provides tools that support both server-side and client-side rendering strategies. For more information on content rendering support, see the Content Rendering topic.

Community members have also suggested the following tools and services to address SEO and SSR needs:

How do I customize a new storefront project#

The Tutorials section of this site contains a number of tutorials which cover customizations such as:

Which payment methods does PWA Studio support#

PWA Studio supports Braintree payments out of the box in its Venia storefront implementation. The project also supports adding other payment methods to a storefront project, but it requires additional implementation for the storefront developer.

How do I deploy to production#

A storefront uses an UPWARD server as the backend for the frontend code. PWA Studio provides two different UPWARD server implementations, UPWARD-JS and UPWARD-PHP.

UPWARD-JS is a node implementation of an UPWARD server. It is used during storefront development when you use the yarn watch command, but you can use it for production by calling yarn build to generate production assets and yarn start to start a server.

UPWARD-PHP is a PHP implementation of an UPWARD server. It is a dependency of the Magento 2 UPWARD connector module, which lets you run an UPWARD server on the same machine as your Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source instance. See the Deploy to Adobe Commerce tutorial to learn how to deploy your storefront to an Adobe Commerce service in the Cloud.

Can I use Windows with PWA Studio for development#

Developing with PWA Studio in Windows is not supported because of its incompatibility with some of the project's dependencies.

Currently, the PWA Studio core team does not have the bandwidth to develop and maintain a Windows development solution, but community members have suggested the following workarounds:

How can I query other stores via GraphQL#

To let the storefront query a specific store view in the Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source backend, you need to add the store code to these two files:

Image component loads wrongly sized images from the srcSet#

When you use the <Image/> component from venia-ui, change the following values:

How to bypass css-loader for external css files#

In your React compotent, bypass the style-loader with:

Copied to your clipboard
1// ... Addtional imports
3import '!style-loader!css-loader!@my-external-module/import.css';
5const myExternalDropIn = props => {
6//... your ui logic
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