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Project scaffolding is a technique for auto-generating required files to support a specific project structure. PWA Studio provides a scaffolding tool to simplify project creation and help developers get started.

Default project template#

The scaffolding tool uses the venia-concept package as the default template for all new PWA Studio storefront projects. When you set up a new project, the result is a project structure based on the files in this package.

Most of its UI and logic come from its @magento/venia-ui and @magento/peregrine dependencies, so it has very little code in its own project folder.

Customizing these projects is as simple as importing small pieces of venia-ui and combining them with custom code.

For more information about the project template, see Project Templates.

Scaffolding commands#

When you set up a new project you use the @magento/create-pwa package. It is a simpler interface than the create-project sub-command in the pwa-buildpack CLI tool.

Since the package name begins with create-, it is considered a project generator and can be run simply as @magento/pwa. This command launches an interactive questionnaire in the command line for configuring different parts of the project.


Copied to your clipboard
yarn create @magento/pwa

Scaffolding with other versions of PWA Studio#

To create scaffolding for a project using an older version of PWA Studio, the required version is noted in the create- command.

YARN command#

yarn global add @magento/create-pwa@1.3.1

and then:


NPM command#

npm init @magento/pwa@1.3.1

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