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Kind: class Extends: GraphicNode

Artboard container node. All Artboards must be children of the root node (they cannot be nested), and they must be placed below all pasteboard content in the z order.

Artboards can have a background fill, but the stroke, shadow, and blur settings are all ignored. Artboards cannot be locked or hidden, or have opacity < 100%.

Generally, all nodes that overlap an Artboard are children of that artboard, and nodes that don't overlap any Artboard are children of the root (pasteboard). XD ensures this automatically: if a node is modified in any way that changes whether it overlaps an Artboard, its parent will automatically be changed accordingly after the edit operation finishes.


width: number > 0

Kind: instance property of Artboard


height: number > 0

For scrollable Artboards, this is the total height encompassing all content - not just the viewport size (i.e. screen height).

See: viewportHeight

Kind: instance property of Artboard


viewportHeight: ?number

If Artboard is scrollable, this is the height of the viewport (e.g. mobile device screen size). Null if Artboard isn't scrollable.

See: height

Kind: instance property of Artboard


incomingInteractions: Array<{ triggerNode: SceneNode, interactions: Array<Interaction> }>

Since: XD 19

Get all interactions whose destination is this artboard (either navigating the entire view, i.e. a "goToArtboard" action, or showing this artboard as an overlay, i.e. an "overlay" action). Each element in the array is an Interaction object which describes a gesture/event plus the action it produces.

May include interactions that are impossible to trigger because the trigger node (or one of its ancestors) has visible = false.

Note: currently, this API excludes any applicable keyboard/gamepad interactions.

See: SceneNode.triggeredInteractions

See: interactions.allInteractions

Kind: instance property of Artboard Read only: true


isHomeArtboard: boolean

Deprecated: XD 33 - Please use flows which supports multple flows.

Since: XD 19

True if this is the starting Artboard seen when the interactive prototype is launched.

Since: XD 32

In case there are multiple interactive prototype experiences (flows), implying multiple home artboards, this API returns true only for the top-left artboard among all of those home artboards.

See: interactions.homeArtboard

Kind: instance property of Artboard Read only: true

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