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Kind: class Extends: SceneNode

Container node representing one instance of a Component (previously known as "Symbols" in XD's UI). Changes made to the contents of a SymbolInstance are treated in one of two ways:

  • If isMaster is false: The changes affect only this one instance. This creates an "override": changes made to the corresponding part of the master later will no longer get synced to this particular instance.
  • If isMaster is true: The changes are automatically synced to all other other instances of the component - except for instances where the affected nodes have instance-specific overrides. As a result, your plugin's batch of edits may not be applied atomically in some instances.

To elaborate: if your plugin command makes edits to more than one property or more than one node as part of a single gesture, and the user invokes your plugin while editing a component master, other instances of the component may receive only a partial application of your plugin's changes. In many cases this will feel like a natural consequence of the overrides the user has created, but if this partial application of your plugin's intended changes feels too confusing in your use case, you may opt to warn users or disable some of your plugin's functionality when selection.editContext is (or is inside of) a component with isMaster true.

Note that overrides vary somewhat in granularity. In some but not all cases, overriding one property may also prevent other properties on the same node from receiving future updates from the master instance.

It is not currently possible for plugins to create a new component definition or a new SymbolInstance node, aside from using commands.duplicate to clone existing SymbolInstances.


symbolId: string

An identifier unique within this document that is shared by all instances of the same component.

Kind: instance property of SymbolInstance Read only: true


isMaster: boolean

True if this is the "master" instance of the component, which forms the template for all new instances. When the user edits the master, those changes are synced to all other instances of the component (unless blocked by "overrides" -- see discussion above).

Kind: instance property of SymbolInstance Read only: true

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