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Kind: class Extends: GraphicNode Since: XD 19

Leaf node shape that is either a convex polygon or a star shape. May have rounded corners. The sides are not necessarily all equal in length: this is true only when the Polygon's width and height matches the aspect ratio of a regular (equilateral) polygon with the given number of sides.

When unrotated, a non-star Polygon always has its bottommost side as a perfectly horizontal line - with the exception of the 4-sided Polygon, which is a diamond shape instead.

Like all shape nodes, has no size, fill, or stroke by default unless you set one.


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1// Add a red triangle to the document
2var polygon = new Polygon();
3polygon.cornerCount = 3;
4polygon.width = 50;
5polygon.height = 100;
6polygon.fill = new Color("red");
9// Add a blue 5-pointed star with rounded corners
10var polygon = new Polygon();
11polygon.cornerCount = 5;
12polygon.starRatio = 55;
14polygon.width = 100;
15polygon.height = 95;
16polygon.fill = new Color("blue");


width: number > 0

Kind: instance property of Polygon


height: number > 0

Kind: instance property of Polygon


cornerCount: number (integer >= 3)

Default: 3

For a non-star shape, defines the number of corners (vertices), and also therefore number of sides. For a star shape, defines the number of star points -- there will be twice as many corners in total (the tips of the points plus all the inside corners between the points).

Setting cornerCount on an existing Polygon behaves in one of two different ways:

  • If the shape's aspect ratio gives it equilateral sides, the sides remain equilateral while the size and aspect ratio of the shape are automatically changed as needed.
  • Otherwise, the size and aspect ratio of the shape remain unchanged.

This matches how changing the corner count in XD's UI behaves.

To change corner count while guaranteeing the shape will not change size, save its original size first, set cornerCount, and then set size back to the saved values.

Kind: instance property of Polygon


cornerRadii: Array<number>

List of corner radius for each corner of the polygon. To set corner radius, use setAllCornerRadii().

Kind: instance property of Polygon Read only: true


hasRoundedCorners: boolean

True if any of the Polygon's corners is rounded (corner radius > 0).

Kind: instance property of Polygon Read only: true



Set the corner radius of all corners of the Polygon to the same value.

Kind: instance method of Polygon



starRatio: number (1.0 to 100.0)

Default: 100

Since: XD 26

Determines how prominent the shape's star points are. The default value of 100 is a normal convex polygon (not a star at all). For a star shape, consider that the outer vertices at the tips of the points all lie on a circle and the inner vertices between the points all lie on a second, smaller circle. The starRatio is the ratio of the smaller circle's diameter to the outer circle's diameter, expressed as a percentage.

Kind: instance property of Polygon

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