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How to read the reference documentation

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the types of symbols you'll see throughout the technical documentation.

Type Annotations#

This shorthand is used to indicate the types of arguments, return values, and object properties.

[day]The parameter is optional. If it is not supplied, it will be undefined.
[day="Monday"]The parameter is optional, but will be supplied a default value if not provided.
?ArrayType can be an Array OR null.
!ArrayType must be an Array; cannot be null. Primitive types (string, number, boolean) imply ! unless explicitly denoted otherwise with ?.
{foo:number, bar:string}Type is an object with two properties: foo, which is type number; and bar, which is type string.
string[]Type is an array of strings.
Array<string>Type is an array of strings.
Promise<string>Type is a Promise that is asynchronously fulfilled with a string.
*Can be any type. NOTE: In this early stage, * is sometimes used as a placeholder for incomplete documentation.
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