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A structure containing the characteristics of a font used in a document.

stFnt:childFontFilesThe list of file names for the fonts that make up a composite fontOrdered array of Text
stFnt:compositeWhen true, this is a composite fontBoolean
stFnt:fontFaceThe font face nameText
stFnt:fontFamilyThe font family nameText
stFnt:fontFileNameThe font file name (not a complete path)Text
stFnt:fontNamePostScript® name of the fontText
stFnt:fontTypeThe font type, such as TrueType, Type 1, Open Type, and so onOpen Choice of Text
stFnt:versionStringThe version string /version for Type1 fonts,nameId 5 for Apple True Type and OpenType,/CIDFontVersion for CID fonts,The empty string for bitmap fonts. The Adobe CoolType font engine allows two fonts with the same PostScript name and different technologies to be used at the same time, but not if they are from different versions. So even without this data for a given document you will have unique font data. However, the version can tell you if the font has changed metrics, glyph forms or other important information. This is useful for comparing fonts in two documents or fonts in a document to those in your system.Text
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