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EXIF namespace

EXIF Schema For EXIF-Specific Properties. These properties defined solely by EXIF.

exif:ApertureValueEXIF tag 37378, 0x9202. Lens aperture, unit is APEX.Rational
exif:BrightnessValueEXIF tag 37379, 0x9203. Brightness, unit is APEX.Rational
exif:CFAPatternEXIF tag 41730, 0xA302. Color filter array geometric pattern of the image sense.CFAPattern
exif:ColorSpaceEXIF tag 40961, 0xA001. Color space information:1 = sRGB, 65535 = uncalibratedClosed Choice of Integer
exif:CompressedBitsPerPixelEXIF tag 37122, 0x9102. Compression mode used for a compressed image is indicated in unit bits per pixel.Rational
exif:ContrastEXIF tag 41992, 0xA408. Indicates the direction of contrast processing applied by the camera:0 = Normal, 1 = Soft, 2 = HardClosed Choice of Integer
exif:CustomRenderedEXIF tag 41985, 0xA401. Indicates the use of special processing on image data: 0 = Normal process, 1 = Custom processClosed Choice of Integer
exif:DateTimeDigitizedEXIF tag 36868, 0x9004 (primary) and 37522, 0x9292 (subseconds). Date and time when image was stored as digital data, can be the same as DateTimeOriginal if originally stored in digital form. Stored in ISO 8601 format. Includes the EXIF SubSecTimeDigitized data. This value is used in XMP as xmp:CreateDateDate
exif:DateTimeOriginalEXIF tags 36867, 0x9003 (primary) and 37521, 0x9291 (subseconds). Date and time when original image was generated, in ISO 8601 format. Includes the EXIF SubSecTimeOriginal data. Note that Exif date-time values have no time zone information.Date
exif:DeviceSettingDescriptionEXIF tag 41995, 0xA40B. Indicates information on the picture-taking conditions of a particular camera model.DeviceSettings
exif:DigitalZoomRatioEXIF tag 41988, 0xA404. Indicates the digital zoom ratio when the image was shot.Rational
exif:ExifVersionEXIF tag 36864, 0x9000. EXIF version number.Text
exif:ExposureBiasValueEXIF tag 37380, 0x9204. Exposure bias, unit is APEX.Rational
exif:ExposureIndexEXIF tag 41493, 0xA215. Exposure index of input device.Rational
exif:ExposureModeEXIF tag 41986, 0xA402. Indicates the exposure mode set when the image was shot : 0 = Auto exposure, 1 = Manual exposure, 2 = Auto bracketClosed Choice of Integer
exif:ExposureProgramEXIF tag 34850, 0x8822. Class of program used for exposure: 0 = not defined, 1 = Manual, 2 = Normal program, 3 = Aperture priority, 4 = Shutter priority, 5 = Creative program, 6 = Action program, 7 = Portrait mode, 8 = Landscape modeClosed Choice of Integer
exif:ExposureTimeEXIF tag 33434, 0x829A. Exposure time in seconds.Rational
exif:FileSourceEXIF tag 41728, 0xA300. Indicates image source: 3(DSC) is the only choice.Closed Choice of Integer
exif:FlashEXIF tag 37385, 0x9209. Strobe light (flash) source data.Flash
exif:FlashEnergyEXIF tag 41483, 0xA20B. Strobe energy during image capture.Rational
exif:FlashpixVersionEXIF tag 40960, 0xA000. Version of FlashPix.Text
exif:FNumberEXIF tag 33437, 0x829D. F number.Rational
exif:FocalLengthEXIF tag 37386, 0x920A. Focal length of the lens, in millimeters.Rational
exif:FocalLengthIn35mmFilmEXIF tag 41989, 0xA405. Indicates the equivalent focal length assuming a 35mm film camera, in mm. A value of 0 means the focal length is unknown. Note that this tag differs from the FocalLength tag.Integer
exif:FocalPlaneResolutionUnitEXIF tag 41488, 0xA210. Unit used for FocalPlaneXResolution and FocalPlaneYResolution. 2 = inches, 3 = centimetersClosed Choice of Integer
exif:FocalPlaneXResolutionEXIF tag 41486, 0xA20E. Horizontal focal resolution, measured pixels per unit.Rational
exif:FocalPlaneYResolutionEXIF tag 41487, 0xA20F. Vertical focal resolution, measured in pixels per unit.Rational
exif:GainControlEXIF tag 41991, 0xA407. Indicates the degree of overall image gain adjustment: 0 = None, 1 = Low gain up, 2 = High gain up, 3 = Low gain down, 4 = High gain downClosed Choice of Integer
exif:ImageUniqueIDEXIF tag 42016, 0xA420. An identifier assigned uniquely to each image. It is recorded as a 32 character ASCII string, equivalent to hexadecimal notation and 128-bit fixed length.Text
exif:ISOSpeedRatingsEXIF tag 34855, 0x8827. ISO Speed and ISO Latitude of the input device as specified in ISO 12232. A native Exif ISO value of exactly 65535 indicates an ISO value of above 64K, which cannot be stored in the native Exif Tag 34855. The real value should be stored in the XMPOrdered array of Integer
exif:LightSourceEXIF tag 37384, 0x9208. Light source: 0 = unknown, 1 = Daylight, 2 = Fluorescent, 3 = Tungsten, 4 = Flash, 9 = Fine weather, 10 = Cloudy weather, 11 = Shade, 12 = Daylight fluorescent (D 5700 – 7100K), 13 = Day white fluorescent (N 4600 – 5400K), 14 = Cool white fluorescent (W 3900 – 4500K), 15 = White fluorescent (WW 3200 – 3700K), 17 = Standard light A, 18 = Standard light B, 19 = Standard light C, 20 = D55, 21 = D65 ,22 = D75, 23 = D50, 24 = ISO studio tungsten, 255 = otherClosed Choice of Integer
exif:MaxApertureValueEXIF tag 37381, 0x9205. Smallest F number of lens, in APEX.Rational
exif:MeteringModeEXIF tag 37383, 0x9207. Metering mode: 0 = unknown, 1 = Average, 2 = CenterWeightedAverage, 3 = Spot, 4 = MultiSpot, 5 = Pattern, 6 = Partial, 255 = otherClosed Choice of Integer
exif:OECFEXIF tag 34856, 0x8828. Opto-Electoric Conversion Function as specified in ISO 14524.OECF-SFR
exif:PixelXDimensionEXIF tag 40962, 0xA002. Valid image width, in pixels.Integer
exif:PixelYDimensionEXIF tag 40963, 0xA003. Valid image height, in pixels.Integer
exif:RelatedSoundFileEXIF tag 40964, 0xA004. An 8.3 file name for the related sound file.Text
exif:SaturationEXIF tag 41993, 0xA409. Indicates the direction of saturation processing applied by the camera: 0 = Normal, 1 = Low saturation, 2 = High saturationClosed Choice of Integer
exif:SceneCaptureTypeEXIF tag 41990, 0xA406. Indicates the type of scene that was shot: 0 = Standard, 1 = Landscape, 2 = Portrait, 3 = Night sceneClosed Choice of Integer
exif:SceneTypeEXIF tag 41729, 0xA301. Indicates the type of scene: 1(directly photographed image) is the only choice.Closed Choice of Integer
exif:SensingMethodEXIF tag 41495, 0xA217. Image sensor type on input device: 1 = Not defined, 2 = One-chip colour area sensor, 3 = Two-chip colour area sensor, 4 = Three-chip colour area sensor, 5 = Colour sequential area sensor, 7 = Trilinear sensor, 8 = Colour sequential linear sensorClosed Choice of Integer
exif:SharpnessEXIF tag 41994, 0xA40A. Indicates the direction of sharpness processing applied by the camera: 0 = Normal, 1 = Soft, 2 = HardClosed Choice of Integer
exif:ShutterSpeedValueEXIF tag 37377, 0x9201. Shutter speed, unit is APEX. See Annex C of the EXIF specification.Rational
exif:SpatialFrequencyResponseEXIF tag 41484, 0xA20C. Input device spatial frequency table and SFR values as specified in ISO 12233.OECF-SFR
exif:SpectralSensitivityEXIF tag 34852, 0x8824. Spectral sensitivity of each channel.Text
exif:SubjectAreaEXIF tag 37396, 0x9214. The location and area of the main subject in the overall scene.Ordered array of Integer
exif:SubjectDistanceEXIF tag 37382, 0x9206. Distance to subject, in meters.Rational
exif:SubjectDistanceRangeEXIF tag 41996, 0xA40C. Indicates the distance to the subject: 0 = Unknown, 1 = Macro, 2 = Close view, 3 = Distant viewClosed Choice of Integer
exif:SubjectLocationEXIF tag 41492, 0xA214. Location of the main subject of the scene. The first value is the horizontal pixel and the second value is the vertical pixel at which the main subject appears.Ordered array of Integer
exif:UserCommentEXIF tag 37510, 0x9286. Comments from user.Language Alternative
exif:WhiteBalanceEXIF tag 41987, 0xA403. Indicates the white balance mode set when the image was shot: 0 = Auto white balance, 1 = Manual white balanceClosed Choice of Integer
exif:GPSAltitudeGPS tag 6, 0x06. Indicates altitude in meters.Rational
exif:GPSAltitudeRefGPS tag 5, 0x5. Indicates whether the altitude is above or below sea level: 0 = Above sea level, 1 = Below sea levelClosed Choice of Integer
exif:GPSAreaInformationGPS tag 28, 0x1C. A character string recording the name of the GPS area.Text
exif:GPSDestBearingGPS tag 24, 0x18. Destination bearing, values from 0 to 359.99.Rational
exif:GPSDestBearingRefGPS tag 23, 0x17. Reference for movement direction: T = true direction, M = magnetic directionClosed Choice of Text
exif:GPSDestDistanceGPS tag 26, 0x1A. Distance to destination.Rational
exif:GPSDestDistanceRefGPS tag 25, 0x19. Units used for speed measurement: "K" = kilometers, "M" = miles, "N" = knotsClosed Choice of Text
exif:GPSDestLatitudeGPS tag 20, 0x14 (position) and 19, 0x13 (North/South). Indicates destination latitude.Text
exif:GPSDestLongitudeGPS tag 22, 0x16 (position) and 21, 0x15 (East/West). Indicates destination longitude.Text
exif:GPSDifferentialGPS tag 30, 0x1E. Indicates whether differential correction is applied to the GPS receiver: 0 = Without correction, 1 = Correction appliedClosed Choice of Integer
exif:GPSDOPGPS tag 11, 0x0B. Degree of precision for GPS data.Rational
exif:GPSImgDirectionGPS tag 17, 0x11. Direction of image when captured, values range from 0 to 359.99.Rational
exif:GPSImgDirectionRefGPS tag 16, 0x10. Reference for movement direction: "T" = true direction, "M" = magnetic directionClosed Choice of Text
exif:GPSLatitudeGPS tag 2, 0x02 (position) and 1, 0x01 (North/South). Indicates latitude.Text
exif:GPSLongitudeGPS tag 4, 0x04 (position) and 3, 0x03 (East/West). Indicates longitude.Text
exif:GPSMapDatumGPS tag 18, 0x12. Geodetic survey data.Text
exif:GPSMeasureModeGPS tag 10, 0x0A. GPS measurement mode, Text type: "2" = two-dimensional measurement, "3" = three-dimensional measurement.Closed Choice of Integer
exif:GPSProcessingMethodGPS tag 27, 0x1B. A character string recording the name of the method used for location finding.Text
exif:GPSSatellitesGPS tag 8, 0x08. Satellite information, format is unspecified.Text
exif:GPSSpeedGPS tag 13, 0x0D. Speed of GPS receiver movement.Rational
exif:GPSSpeedRefGPS tag 12, 0x0C. Units used for speed measurement: "K" = kilometers per hour, "M" = miles per hour, "N" = knotsClosed Choice of Text
exif:GPSStatusGPS tag 9, 0x09. Status of GPS receiver at image creation time: "A" = measurement in progress, "V" = measurement is interoperabilityClosed Choice of Text
exif:GPSTimeStampGPS tag 29 (date), 0x1D, and, and GPS tag 7 (time), 0x07. Time stamp of GPS data, in Coordinated Universal Time. NOTE: The GPSDateStamp tag is new in EXIF 2.2. The GPS timestamp in EXIF 2.1 does not include a date. If not present, the date component for the XMP should be taken from exif:DateTimeOriginal, or if that is also lacking from exif:DateTimeDigitized. If no date is available, do not write exif:GPSTimeStamp to XMP.Date
exif:GPSTrackGPS tag 15, 0x0F. Direction of GPS movement, values range from 0 to 359.99.Rational
exif:GPSTrackRefGPS tag 14, 0x0E. Reference for movement direction: "T" = true direction, "M" = magnetic directionClosed Choice of Text
exif:GPSVersionIDGPS tag 0, 0x00. A decimal encoding of each of the four EXIF bytes with period separators. The current value is "".Text
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